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Christa Ovenell

3 Legacy Projects You Can Start and Finish Today

You can also reach out to Christa here. hello@deathsapprentice.ca

And book a chat through this link.  https://calendar.app.google/tSJhut8KewnGH2LeA

Joss Biggins

A one-hour free portfolio review which will help you take a look under the hood of your investments to; understand what you are actually invested in, what conflicts of interest could be present and how much you're really paying in fees.


Reach out to Joss at 


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Connie Buna

A one on one consult: Could be about Real Estate, Investing Business Coaching and more.


Reach out to Connie at 


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Tina Overbury

Tina had a draw for a prise during the Money Talks but if you would like to connect with her you can do so here.