In this course you will learn:

Become an Empowered Investor

15 Module Self-Study Course

Module 1 - What is Investing?

In this module, you will learn the following: That saving is different from investing. The benefits of investing. Dispelling the Myths of Investing

Module 2 - How Money Grows

We will discuss how money grows, and we want you to truly understand all the elements needed to grow your money as dynamically as possible. In this class, you will learn: The power of compounding. What is it, and how it works.

Module 3 - What Can I invest In

In this module, you will learn the following: The Four Asset Classes Cash, Fixed Income Stocks/Equities Alternative Investments such as crypto.

Module 4 - What is Asset Allocation

Now that we know what investment asset classes are available, we will learn how to combine the assets that align with your goals and values in this class. This is called Asset Allocation.

Module 5 - Putting Asset Allocation Into Action

How we use the strategy of Asset Allocation to create a person's portfolio based on the four elements of risk tolerance, time horizon, investment objectives, and overall financial situation.

Module 6 - How to Select the Right Investments

Once you know your risk tolerance, how much you want to invest, and for how long, it's time to select your investments. If you're dealing with a financial or a Robo advisor, they will select your investments based on those elements. But if you're doing it yourself, this module will teach you the six things you need to look for when researching what you want to invest in.

Module 7 - Choose an Online Brokerage

This lesson we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Rob-advisors versus do-it-yourself online platforms. Taking you through setting up an online account to purchase an investment.

Module 8 - Investing with a Robo-Advisor

Investing through a robo-advisor is one of the easiest ways to start your investment journey.

Module 9 - Do-It-Yourself Brokerage Platform

Now that you are clear on your goals and your time horizons it's time to bring it all together.

Module 10 - How to Buy Investments Online

We walk you through the actual buying and selling of a stock or ETF.

Module 11 - What to Look For in A Financial Advisor

Remember that even if you decide to hire an advisor, you still should take the lead with your Finances.

Module 12 - Review and Rebalance

You must review your investments regularly. This does not mean looking at it daily, but reviews should be done twice a year or when your circumstances change.

Module 13 - ESG / Ethical Investing

Over the last twenty years, there has been explosive growth in Ethical Investing, also called ESG investing. Ethical Investing is about aligning your money with your values. There are three criteria used in ESG investing.

Module 14 - How to Benefit from Wild Swings in The Stock Market

Investing has less to do with investments than it has to do with investor behavior. Therefore, managing your expectations, emotions, and behavior is critical.

Module 15 - Highlights and Tips to Become a Better Investor

Eight tips from financial experts on how to invest successfully.

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I feel financially more confident to make investment decisions on my own since taking this course.
Jamie Doyle
There is such a wealth and depth of material and I am immensely grateful to you for all of it!
S Pohanka
The material is useful, and I intend to go back over it repeatedly. The knowledge and experience you have to offer is extremely valuable and complementary. It's also a huge asset that you offer a Canadian perspective.
Danielle Schami
Your message is modern and unique. A under-exposed truth that would transform many peoples perspectives on money.
Susan Morabito